Working Guide Dogs

Working Guides
picture of Royaltypicture of Royalty
Royalty (born 8/10/2017, Nevin/Uzette)

Royalty, nicknamed the less ostentatious Roya, arrived at our first Tacoma Subaru puppy truck hosting! She is the 14th puppy that Robin and Howard have raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She went to the GDB campus via the Microsoft sponsored Puppy Truck in October 2018 and breezed through all of the health and temperament tests to become a Breeder dog! She lives with a Breeder Keeper family near the San Rafael campus.
picture of Ramlapicture of Ramla
Ramla (born 7/6/2016, Saddle/Malibu)

Little Ramla joined our group in Sept. 2016 to be raised by Erika and Mark. The name Ramla means 'prophetess' or 'she knows', and is a city in central Israel. Ramla's big sister, career change dog Hoya, was raised in our group 9 years ago! Ramla returned to campus in January 2018 and was picked up by Service Dogs Inc. in Texas and trained as a service dog for another disability. Ramla graduated in July 2018.
picture of RossToopicture of RossToo
RossToo (born 1/07/2017, Bartley/Noreen)

The second Ross for our group, this cutie was raised by Zac as his second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Ross joined his raiser as an Amazon employee. Ross returned for formal training in March 2018. Graduated June 2018 and working in Huntington Beach, CA
picture of Tumnuspicture of Tumnus
Tumnus (born 5/9/2016, Curt/Carnival)

Mr. Tumnus is a character in CS Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and, as a faun, Mr. Tumnus is a peaceful woodland dweller and is the first person Lucy meets in Narnia. Tumnus the puppywas raised by first time raisers Andie, Mark, Kendall, and Jed. This family also has a career change pet from Guide Dogs of the Desert. Tumnus is scheduled to graduate in May 2018.
picture of Beasleypicture of Beasley
Beasley (born2/10/2017, Blake/Vesta)

Mrs. Beasley joined our group when her raisers moved over from the Issaquah puppy raising group. She was selected as a breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind in April of 2018. Veteran raisers, the Parkin family, have raised over 27 dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind!
picture of Imprezapicture of Impreza
Impreza (born 10/18/2016, Saddle/Matilda)

IMPreza went to work with his raisers, Kim & Gary, at Microsoft and that is an IMPortant, IMPressive job for a little guy! He was the barksperson for Tacoma Subaru who has been hosting our Puppy Truck deliveries. Imp returned for formal training in January 2018. Graduated April 2018 and placed with a partner in Ontario, Canada!
picture of Gleasonpicture of Gleason
Gleason (born 5/9/2016, Curt/Carnivala)

Gleason was raised by Derval, Tom, and kids as their second pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind. An Irish name for an Irish family! He entered formal training at the GDB campus in October 2017. Graduated from in-home training in February 2018 and living with his partner in Vancouver, WA.
picture of Bowiepicture of Bowie
Bowie (born 1/20/2016, Gonzalo/Aida)

Bowie is destined to be a rock star of a guide dog puppy. He was raised by Geoff, on the shores of Lake Union and was transferred to the Wenatchee group at 9 months old. Returned for formal training May 2017 and was selected to be a Breeder for Guide Dogs for the Blind in June 2017!
picture of Garfieldpicture of Garfield
Garfield (born 12/06/2015, Neutron/Reagan)

Garfield, a Golden/Lab Cross, joined our group as a transfer dog at 15 months of age from the Kitsap Navigators group. He spent his last few months of puppy training with Brenda and Frank to get more varied outings and downtown Seattle experience. Returned to campus for formal harness training April 2017 and graduated as a working Guide Dog in August 2017! He and his partner now live in Great Falls, Montana.
picture of Kirkpicture of Kirk
Kirk (born 7/22/15, Jolt/Lorraine)

Enterprising Captain Kirk arrived on the September 2015 puppy truck and was raised by Annalise and Brian as their 4th pup for Guide Dogs. Graduated via In Home Training June 2017 and is now working in South Porcupine, Ontario.
picture of Figaropicture of Figaro
Figaro (born 10/15/2015 Jenkins/Maeve)

Figaro, Figaro, Figaro (sung in an Italian operatic voice), was raised by first time raiser Zac. This little note was delivered via the Christmas Puppy Truck at Cabelas at the tender age of 7 1/2 weeks old. Returned for breeder eval in Dec. 2016, neutered due to minor heart murmur and entered formal training in Jan. 2017. Graduated April 2017 and works in Minnesota with his partner Nicole.
picture of Sutterpicture of Sutter
Sutter (born 4/26/15, Belay/Carsey)

This cutie pie arrived during a Seattle heat wave, June 2015, to be raised by Karen & Ron as their second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Transferred at 4 months to Marilyn & Tom. Returned to the GDB campus for formal training in Sept. 2016. Graduated January 2017 and living in Beaverton Oregon with his partner.
picture of Flarepicture of Flare
Flare (10/11/14 Amici/Tenley)

FlareBear, who is 7/8 Golden Retriever and 1/8 Labrador, was raised by Robin, Howard, Estella Lemon Bella and co-raisers Lisa, Doug and Isha. After rigorous physical and temperament testing, she was selected to be a Breeder for GDB in February 2016. Flare was retired as a breeder prior to going into season due to issues with some of her littermates. She graduated as a Guide Dog in December, 2016 and lives in Renton, WA.
picture of Samoapicture of Samoa
Samoa (born 4/26/15, Belay/Carsey)

Samoa joined our group as a transfer from West Seattle See Dogs. He was raised by Samantha and Karen of West Seattle and returned for formal training on Fun Day at the Oregon Campus. Graduated in November, 2016 and working in Colorado.
picture of Elijahpicture of Elijah
Elijah (born 2/25/2015 Siefkin/Royale)

Elijah was welcomed into our group at the age of 11 month as a transfer from the Spokane puppy raising group. This handsome Golden/Lab Cross was raised by Brenda and Frank who are long-time GPS members! Returned for formal training in July 2016. Graduated via In Home Training and lives in Colorado.
picture of Turbopicture of Turbo
Turbo (born 8/22/2014, Baldwin/Jaymin)

This burst of energy arrived via air and was presented to Kim and Gary at the October 2014 Microsoft Graduation! Full speed ahead! Graduated May 2016 and working outside Salt Lake City.
picture of Wanderpicture of Wander
Wander (born 2/11/2014 Brutus/Hestia)

Another Wander for our group! This sweet thing was raised by Anna, Lucien, and Graham as their first pup for GDB.IN HOME TRAINING--Graduated Sept. 2015 and working in Austin, TX with her partner.
picture of Thoreaupicture of Thoreau
Thoreau (born 10/11/13 Franklin/Michella)

This cute puff of Golden fur fondly known as 'HD', was co-raised by Brian & Patti and Heidi & Dallas. Graduated June 2015 and working in Tacoma. "It's not what you look at that matters, it is what you see." --HD Thoreau
picture of Bachpicture of Bach
Bach (born 10/22/13 Brutus/Sarita)

Bach was co-raised in GPS for several months by Jan, and by Kokie & Rockee, then transfered to a WSU student of Veterinary Medicine for the rest of his puppyhood. His raisers worked on teaching him 'composure' for his future life as a guide dog!Graduated May 2015 and working in Utah.
picture of Cadence Toopicture of Cadence Too
Cadence Too (born 3/13/13 Calgary/Anadale)

This was the second Cadence we have had in our group! She transferred from the Yakima group at 16 week of age and was raised by first time raisers Karen, Ron, Ganga, and Bhadri. Cadence returned to campus for training in May 2014. Graduated Sept 2014 and working in Liberty Center, Ohio
picture of Vindypicture of Vindy
Vindy (born 12/21/12 Parson/Hickory)

This cutie was raised by Joseph as his 4th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind for the first 5 months and then was transferred to Brenda and Frank for the rest of her time with our puppy group.Graduated in June 2014 and working in Vancouver, WA.
picture of Katyjopicture of Katyjo
Katyjo (born 7/6/12 Phoenix/Mamie)

Transferred at one year old from the Enumclaw group, Katyjo joined the Mohagen family for the last several months before being ready for Guide Dog college. Returned for breeder evaluation in Nov. 2013. Graduated in April 2014 and working in Salem, OR.
picture of Sparkypicture of Sparky
Sparky (born 7/28/12 Jay/Lania)

A hard name to say without smiling :). Both Sparky and Tennessee came by puppy truck to the Microsoft 5K Fundraiser Event that benefited Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was raised by experienced raiser, Sue. Graduated March 2014 and working in West Seattle near where he was raised.
picture of Tennesseepicture of Tennessee
Tennessee (born 8/2/12 Norbert/Monet)

How fun! This boy's a black Golden/Lab Cross! Robin and Howard ""raised 'im up right"" as their 10th pup for GDB. Tennessee's mom is Monet, who is the sister of two pups raised in our group (Mel and Mitzvah). Graduated January 2014 and now working in Seattle. Tenn Tenn is Terry's first guide dog.
picture of Phillipapicture of Phillipa
Phillipa (born 5/11/12 Vernon/Ultra)

Little Miss Phillipa (or as the British say, Pippa) was presented at the Guide Dogs Oregon Fun Day, July 2012, to be raised by first time puppy raisers Mary, Marc, Brenna, Tatum & Max. Graduated from In Home Training in January 2014 in Las Cruces, NM.Her partner is a Para-Olympic swimmer!
picture of Rosspicture of Ross
Ross (born 5/30/12 Amador/Provence)

This adorable Golden Retriever/Lab Cross was raised by Brian, Patti, Annalise, and Kyle as their second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.Graduated Dec. 2013 and partnered with a young man in Eugene, Oregon as his first guide. Retired in April 2014 for environmental distraction and adopted by his raisers.
picture of Gamaypicture of Gamay
Gamay (born 3/30/12 Simon/Dorcella)

Perhaps her full name is Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, since she was named after the French wine grape. Gamay was co-raised by first time raiser Lilly and by experienced raisers Erin & William, with help from Erin M. Sometimes it takes a village! Cheers! Graduated Dec. 2013 and working as a guide for a young woman in Silver Spring, MD.
picture of Vesperpicture of Vesper
Vesper (born 2/21/12 Ozzie/Anadale)

Vesper means 'evening' or 'evening star' in classical Latin. This little star was raised by Carol and John, who have previously raised pups with Canine Companions for Independence. He was transferred to the Portland area in January 2013. Graduated Oct. 2013
picture of Joshuapicture of Joshua
Joshua (born 1/23/12 David/Hilda)

This is Joshua! He arrived on the April 2012 Puppy Truck to be raised by Lisa as her third pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Graduated Sept 2013 and is partnered with a Vietnam Vet who lost his eyesight due to Agent Orange.
picture of Aaronpicture of Aaron
Aaron (born 2/25/12 Simon/Salina)

No tongue twister here! Just a nice, simple boy name for a very nice guy. Aaron was co-raised by Kokie & Rockee, and Brenda & Frank. Graduated August 2013 and lives in Greenview, CA. His partner, Ken, plans to attend Chiropractic School in the Bay Area.
picture of Valeriapicture of Valeria
Valeria (born 6/24/11 Hurley/Sarita)

Valeria means 'love', and who couldn't love a face like this! Valeria was started by the Osbornes, who raised 4 dogs for Guide Dogs before they added 3 little girls to their family.Transferred to the Auburn puppy raising group at 4 months of age. Graduated March 2013 and attends graduate school with her partner in Anaheim, CA.
picture of Chantalpicture of Chantal
Chantal (born 5/14/11 Nicasio/Jude)

This Bachlorette deserves a rose, even if Seattle's Chantal O'Brien didn't get one! This cutie was raised by Anina & Roy, as their second pup for Guide Dogs, and was transferred to experienced raisers Dave & Mary Ann when her first raisers moved to Texas. Graduated Nov. 2012
picture of Atwoodpicture of Atwood
Atwood (born 1/29/11 Forte/Gracie)

Erin and William welcomed Atwood into their lives in April, 2011. Erin raised 3 pups for Guide Dogs as a teenager, so she knew how to steer this little guy in the right direction. Atwood attended Law School with Erin at the U of W.Graduated August 2012 and worked in Ohio. Retired in 2014.
picture of Ethelpicture of Ethel
Ethel (born 12/26/10 Forte/Glee)

Fun and a bit feisty, Ethel learned the ropes aboard a sailboat anchored in Lake Union with Capt Geoff at the helm. She arrived via Puppy Truck from San Rafael in March, 2011. Graduated July 2012 and is partnered with an 18 year old woman who is headed off to college.
picture of Kalapicture of Kala
Kala (born 6/8/10 Jay/Genova)

Renee picked up little Kala at the Oregon Campus Fun Day on August 7th, 2010. Kala was the third puppy that Renee raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.Kala was trained as a wheel chair guide dog. Graduated from in-home training April 2012 and is living and working in Fresno, California.
picture of Pimapicture of Pima
Pima (born 6/5/10 Parson/Bruna)

Pima joined GPS as a transfer from the Bellingham group at the age of 12 mo. She was welcomed into the home of Brenda, Frank, and Jenny. Graduated February 2012and worked in Vancouver, WA until June 2012. Retired for traffic sensitiviy and is now an Ambassador for GDB.
picture of Hedingerpicture of Hedinger
Hedinger (born 5/6/10 David/Winter)

Hedinger--named after donor H. Hedinger--arrived on a hot July day to be raised by Kokie and Rockee as their first Guide Dog puppy. Hedinger divided his time between going to work at a law firm and attending high school. Graduated 1/28/12and working in Soda Springs, CA.
picture of Heddapicture of Hedda
Hedda (born 1/30/10 Bond/Simone)

Sweet and spicy Hedda was raised by first-time raisers Anina, Roy, and Brandy as their first pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind.Graduated Sept 2011, placed with a partner in Olympia, WA, and retired in Oct. 2011. Hedda's short career as a guide was due to""opportunistic downtime behaviors"".
picture of Onapicture of Ona
Ona (born 12/30/09 Jay/Glimmer)

O-yes, o-my, o-dear! It's Ona! Lisa and Doug were thrilled to welcome little O-puppy, who arrived March 2010 to be raised as their third for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Graduated July 2011 and partnered with a stay-at-home dad in Longmont, Colorado.
picture of Carissapicture of Carissa
Carissa (born 8/6/09 David/Racine)

A beautiful name meaning 'caress' or 'embrace' that seems to fit this adorable little girl perfectly. Carissa was raised by first-time raiser Jan.Graduated June 2011 and again in Dec 2011. Retired for fear of working past dogs March 2012. Carissa is now a K9 Buddy!
picture of Dobsonpicture of Dobson
Dobson (born 8/13/09 Atrus/Bruna)

Dobson was named by his mother's raiser, 15 year old Anna of Dallas, Oregon. He was the 8th pup raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas. Heidi & Dobson share the same birthday! Graduated April 2011 and lives in Minneapolis. His partner Jim works as an ADA consultant for the largest county in Minnesota.
picture of Fergiepicture of Fergie
Fergie (born 10/2/09 Atrus/Brigitte)

Fergie was rasied by John and his late wife Ellen, and co-raised by Betsy & Allan and their three little girls. She returned for formal training December 2010. Graduated March 2011. Fergie's partner is a 21 year-old woman who attends University of Florida
picture of Dynastypicture of Dynasty
Dynasty (born 7/11/09 Bingham/Parkay)

4 month old white-yellow Lab Dyna joined the Roher family on a rainy November day in 2009 to be raised as their 5th Guide Dog pup. Recalled for formal training in Oct 2010. Graduated March 12, 2011 and working in British Columbia.
picture of Debpicture of Deb
Deb (born 4/1/09 Tiburon/Labelle)

Darling Deb arrived as a transfer puppy at the age of 10 months to be raised by Brenda, Frank, and Jenny. Recalled for breeder evaluation in August, 2010. Graduated Dec. 2010
picture of Trishapicture of Trisha
Trisha (born 11/3/08 Astro/Stella)

Another precious little yellow girl for Tom and Marilyn! Check out those long, lush eyelashes! Trisha arrived in the very wet January of '09. Returned for formal training, Feb 2010. Graduated August 14, 2010 and working as a Guide in Nebraska.
picture of Karenpicture of Karen
Karen (born 12/9/08 Buck/Glimmer)

Karen--such a girly girl name for a sweet young thing. Karen was raised by Lisa & Doug. The family raised their first Guide Dog pup 7 years ago--a German Shepard named Fountain, when they lived in California. Karen returned to GDB in February, 2010. Graduated July 2010 and working in Missouri.
picture of Septemberpicture of September
September (born 9/20/08 Damon/Robin)

September was transferred to our group to be finished by long-time puppy sitters Brenda, Frank, and Jenny. Although they have had most of our group's dogs in their home, this is the first one they can call their own! Graduated June 2010. September works and attends college with her 23 year old partner in Louisiana.
picture of Eldonpicture of Eldon
Eldon (born 8/16/08 Jenkins/Barta)

Eldon (not to be confused with Murphy Brown's quirky painter, Eldin) arrived by air in Oct 2008, to be raised by Lisa and family. Returned for formal training in Oct. '09. Graduated May 2010 through the in-home training program and living in Oregon as a guide. The painting of Eldon, at left, was done by the raiser's son as a gift for her.
picture of Duskpicture of Dusk
Dusk (born 6/30/08 Jenkins/Lovey)

Dusk was an identity used by severalfictional superherosin the Marvel Universe. Dusky arrived via the Puppy Truck on 8/5/08 and was raised by Kushal as his 3rd GDB puppy. Graduated April 2010 & worked for a short time in Montana. Sadly, Dusky's partner passed away and Dusk was adopted by her husband and two boys.
picture of Chazpicture of Chaz
Chaz (born 4/23/07 Simon/Alanis)

Big bruizer Chaz arrived by air on 6/28/07 and was welcomed by Cliff, Laura, Alexandra, and Zach as their 3rd puppy. You might say that Chaz is their 'grandpuppy' since Alanis, Chaz's mother, was also raised by this family. Graduated 6/27/09 (Guidework Demonstration dog at the May graduation!)
picture of Henriettapicture of Henrietta
Henrietta (born 6/14/07 Tiger/Cher)

Henrietta joined our group when her experienced raisers, Robin and Howard, transfered from the Issaquah puppy raising group, Eager Eyes.Graduated May 2009 and worked in Mesa, Arizona with her 80-year-young partner. In loving memory--died 1/27/12 of kidney failure.
picture of Pampicture of Pam
Pam (born 8/6/07 Danny/Cecelia)

Pretty, petite Pam arrived on the Puppy Truck on Oct. 5, 2007 to be raised as a ""starter puppy"" by Amy, Tom, Sam, & Max. Transferred after several weeks to Navigators puppy club on the Kitsap Penninsula.Graduated May 2009 and living in Kelowna, British Columbia.
picture of Sunsetpicture of Sunset
Sunset (born 9/10/07 Denzel/Parkay)

A perfect name for a beautiful girl. Sunset was raised by experienced raisers Marilyn and Tom. Sunset returned to Guide Dog college in Oregon January 2009. Sunset was selected as a Breeder in March 2009--and now Sunset's daughter Trumpet is also a breeder!
picture of Castillopicture of Castillo
Castillo (born 3/26/07 Kinsey/Barta)

Named for the Spanish word meaning 'castle', this little guy shows the promise of strength and fortitude needed in a Guide Dog. He arrived 6/14/07 on the Puppy Truck and was raised by Hilary as her first puppy. Returned for advanced training 6/13/08. Graduated November 2008
picture of Abrahampicture of Abraham
Abraham (born 3/8/07 Russo/Fantasia)

This little guy had a big name to live up to--and was a perfect fit for a minister's family. He was raised by Betsy and Peter as their 5th Guide Dog puppy.Graduated in October 2008 and worked as a guide in Medford, OR. until he passed away at the age of 7 from cancer. Sweet, gentle Abe.
picture of Lesterpicture of Lester
Lester (born 11/2/06 Tiger/Geraldine)

Lester arrived on the Puppy Truck January 2007. He was being raised by Kushal as his 2nd Guide Dog puppy. Lester has his very own blog! Go Graduated October 2008 and is working as a guide dog in Ohio.
picture of Alvinpicture of Alvin
Alvin (born 12/11/06 Norbert/Abby)

Alvin arrived by air 2/6/07 to be raised as a 'starter pup' by Sue. He was transfered to Cheryl. Alvin moved to the new group See Dogs in West Seattle in October 2007. Returned for formal training in March 2008. Graduated October 2008.
picture of Akelapicture of Akela
Akela (born 10/14/06 Sprite/Parkay)

The ""leader of the pack"" who raised the man-cub in the Jungle Book, Akela is being raised by Judy as her 8th puppy. Arrived by air on 12/13/06. Returned for formal training January 2008. Graduated August 23, 2008
picture of Argentpicture of Argent
Argent (born 6/26/06 Faust/Lynelle)

Argent arrived on the Puppy Truck on 9/8/06 to be raised by experienced raiser Sue as her 4th puppy. According to Wikipedia, Argent's name derives fromLatinargentum, which means ""white money"", or silver. Graduated April 2008
picture of Lyricpicture of Lyric
Lyric (born 12/4/06 Astro/Lorinda)

This pretty little sing-song girl joined Marilyn and Tom's household on 2/22/07. She returned to the Boring Oregon Campus for formal training in Nov. 2007. Lyric was selected as a breeder in March 2008.
picture of Dukepicture of Duke
Duke (born 3/9/06 Farrari/Daphne)

The Duke', rather than 'Duke of Hazzards'! Duke was raised by Betsy and Peter as their 4th Guide Dog puppy. He returned for formal training at the Boring Oregon Campus on 5/19/07. Graduated Sept. 22nd, 2007 and living in Santa Monica, CA.
picture of Louiepicture of Louie
Louie (born 11/15/05 Freeman/Coco III)

Louie, Louie. Hmmmm. Makes you want to break into song. This cutie was raised by Kushal as his first Guide Dog puppy. Recalled for advanced training in Oregon on 1/5/07. Louie was selected as a Charter Breeder & had one date with girlfriend 'Gail'. Graduated 8/25/07 and working in Seattle.
picture of Brewsterpicture of Brewster
Brewster (born 12/12/05 Astro/Isabel)

Brewster was the 7th puppy that Judy raised. He returned to the Oregon campus for advanced training in January 2007. Graduated August '07 and worked with his partner with the Minesota Twins in northern Minesota until he retired in Sept 2011. He now lives with a family in the Seattle area.
picture of Artemispicture of Artemis
Artemis (born 10/25/05 Kinsey/Vonnie)

...who is a greek god rather than goddess, may have been named after the popular children' book, Artemis Fowl, which portrays the antics of a 12 year old genius and criminal mastermind. He was raised by Ashleigh and Gregg as their 11th puppy. Recalled 1/5/07Graduated June 30th, 2007
picture of Basiapicture of Basia
Basia (born 11/26/05 RG Hunter/Abby)

It's 'A New Day' for Basia! Basia was raised by experienced puppy raisers Marilyn and Tom. She is a darling little almost-white-yellow Lab. She returned for advanced training at the Boring Oregon Campus on 2/22/07. Basia is a breeder in San Rafael, CA and is the dam of two other breeders, Nancy and a very prolific Alonzo!
picture of Cricketpicture of Cricket
Cricket (born 6/4/05 Durango/Marylou)

Cricket was transferred to Bellingham to the ""Paws for a Cause"" group. Her initial raisers, Kim and Scott, welcomed their first human baby on Christmas Day 2005. Cricket did an excellent job of preparing them for parenthood. Graduated as a working guide on 3/10/07 and living in Utah.
picture of Packerpicture of Packer
Packer (born 12/03/04 Morgold 7 Nicely Done Nickey/Morgold 7 Ready Ranger Ruby)

A pure Golden Retriever puppy, and a sweet, silly surfer dude. Packer was raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas. Returned to the Oregon campus for advanced training 7/06.Graduated on Dec. 16th, 2006 and worked as a guide in Salt Lake City, UT. Retired at age 7 and adopted by his partner's boss.
picture of Ellenpicture of Ellen
Ellen (born 12/21/05 Watson II/Harriet)

Ellen was raised by Tammie, Bob, Reed, and Abby, who have previous experience raising CCI puppies. Ellen was placed as working Guide Dog in Denver, Colorado. This placement did not work out and Ellen was returned to training June 2007. Graduated June 30th, 2007.
picture of Claudepicture of Claude
Claude (born 2/17/05 Freeman/Wilara)

Claude is the third puppy raised by Betsy and Peter and is a delightful dog. Graduated October 21, 2006 and working as a Guide Dog in Oklahoma.
picture of Nathanpicture of Nathan
Nathan (born 11/7/04 Dylan/Calista)

Nathan was transferred at 13 months old to experienced raisers, Ruth and Ron, when his original family moved to Australia.Graduated October 21, 2006. Now a working Guide in Ocean Park, Washington.
picture of Alanispicture of Alanis
Alanis (born 3/19/05 Thompson/Kalina)

Alanis was raised by Cliff, Laura, Alexandra, and Zach and is the second puppy they have raised with our group. Was selected as a breeder May 2006. Had several litters of puppies as a breeder in San Rafael, CA. Is now retired and living across the street from her raisers in Seattle.
picture of Felixpicture of Felix
Felix (born 10/5/03 Astro/Leona)

IN LOVING MEMORY. Raised by Heidi and Dallas and graduated in 2005. Felix was a spunky, full of life, shiny black Lab that threw his heart and soul into being Marc's Guide Dog partner and best friend. He worked in Brantford Ontario until the age of almost 9. Felix was the definition of a trustworthy and hardworking companion who still had spunk and loved a good time.
picture of Gloriannepicture of Glorianne
Glorianne (born 3/17/03 Weaver/Lena)

Raised in her early months by Carol and Spencer, then transferred to another group. Glorianne graduated June 4, 2005.
picture of Niapicture of Nia
Nia (born 5/10/03 Russo/Abby)

Nia was raised by Katie and Cliff.Graduated May 7, 2005 and is now a working guide.
picture of Jaredpicture of Jared
Jared (born 3/18/03 Fabian/Pepper)

A big bouncy lab who was full of personality and, brother to Jericho. Jared was raised by Ruth, Ron and Taylor. Jared graduated April 9, 2005 and is a working Guide in Tacoma, Washington.
picture of Toulousepicture of Toulouse
Toulouse (born 6/28/03 Righetti/Alaska)

A yellow Lab/Golden Cross from San Rafael rather than France, and he never could paint! Toulouse was raised by Sherry, Ray and Anna-Simone. Graduated April 9, 2005
picture of Jerichopicture of Jericho
Jericho (born 3/18/03 Fabian/Pepper)

Jericho (who is Jared's brother) experienced a central city upbringing. Jericho was raised by Amy and Lee, who have since returned to Australia. Graduated March 12, 2005 and now working in Vancouver, Washington.
picture of Regispicture of Regis
Regis (born 5/31/02 Watson II/Palma)

Regis was raised by the group leaders Heidi and Dallas.He graduated June 26, 2004 and worked in Philadelphia for several years before moving to Hartford, Connecticut. Regis died of cancer on July 2, 2009 at the age of 7. In loving memory of this gentle giant, our group's first graduate and a wonderful ambassador for GDB.

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