Puppies in Training
picture of Panache
Panache (born 9/6/2018, Lemur/Desma)

Panache, a name synonymous with confidence, self-assurance, style, & flair, fits this little Guide-Dog-to-be perfectly. She will be raised by Robin & Howard as their 15th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind!
picture of Galley
Galley (born 8/22/2018, Zenith/Peony)

Galley-Girl arrived at the Microsoft Campus when they sponsored the puppy truck in October 2018. Experienced raisers Kim & Gary both work at Microsoft and Galley will soon learn the ropes!
picture of Gibbs
Gibbs (born 8/22/2018, Zenith/Peony)

Gibbs arrived with sister Galley via the Microsoft sponsored puppy truck in Oct 2018. He will be raised by first-time raisers Dan & Maayan, who live in downtown Seattle and work at Amazon.
picture of Kingsley
Kingsley (born 4/27/2018, Canuck/Venetia)

A fluffy Golden pup for Melissa & Jeremy to raise arrived via puppy truck in June 2018. Kingsley! This is Melissa's 9th pup for GDB.
picture of Data
Data (born 4/21/2018, Urvek/Treasure)

Data will be raised by Mark, Kendall, Andie, & Jed as their second pup for GDB.
picture of Funston
Funston (born 4/22/2018, Keno/Zinnia)

Funston, named after a park in California (and probably a Mr or Ms Funston), will be raised by experienced puppy sitter Hope as her first full-time pup for GDB. New raiser Pat joined Hope as co-raiser in Sept 2018 when Hope started High School.
picture of Frederick
Frederick (born 4/22/2018)

Frederick will be co-raised by the O'Brien family, and by Zac & Kait. He gets lots of work experience at Amazon.
picture of Aggie
(born 3/1/2018, Kent/Whitley)

Aggie arrived in May of 2018 as a starter pup for Mary Lou. She is the second brindle Lab for our group! She was transferred to the Boise, Idaho puppy raising group in June 2018.
picture of Koa
Koa (born 1/31/2018, Celtic/Embry)

Koa is a Brindle Black Lab and his particular coloring is a first for our group. He arrived via the maiden voyge of the new Puppy Truck on 3/30/18, to be raised by group leaders Heidi & Dallas as their 14th pup for GDB.
picture of Jive
(born 1/17/2018, Bowie/Grazie)

Jive arrived on March 30, 2018 to be raised by Peter as his senior year project. Peter will have Jive until the middle of summer, when he will be transferred to the Wenatchee puppy club. Jive's dad, Bowie, was raised in Guide Puppies of Seattle until he was 7 months old, at which point he was transferred to the same Wenatchee raiser who is getting Jive! What goes around....
picture of Nance
Nance (born 10/4/2017, Magic/Reisling)

Sweet little Nance transferred to our group with her raisers from Issaquah in January 2018. Welcome!
picture of Hercules
(born 9/15/2017,Dapper/Honu)

Hercules is one of the best known heroes in Greek and Roman mythology! Our Hercules has big paws to grow into. He arrived via the November 2017 Puppy Truck delivery and was raised by first time raisers Denise & Sean until he transferred to the Sequim Puppy Pilots group at 8 months of age.
picture of Calista
(born 9/8/2017, Dart/Madge)

In ancient mythology,Calista was a nymph loved by Zeus, whose jealous wife Hera turned her into a bear. This little bear joined our group in Nov 2017 and was raised by Mary Lou for the first 3 months, experienced puppy sitter turned raiser.Transferred to the Portland area in January 2017 at 5 mo. of age.

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