Puppies in Training
picture of Kata
Kata ()

Kata joined our group at 11 months old as a transfer from the Portland area to be raised by experienced transfer pros Brenda and Frank.
picture of Nance
Nance (born 10/4/2017, Magic/Reisling)

Nance joined our group in January 2018 at 12 weeks of age when her raisers transferred from the Issaquah group. Welcome little girl!
picture of Beasley
Beasley (born 2/10/2017, Blake/Vesta)

Beasley, fondly called Mrs. Beasley by some, joined our group when her raisers, Katherine & Rick, transferred to our group from the Issaquah group in January 2018. She was 11 months old.
picture of Hercules
Hercules (born 9/15/2017,Dapper/Honu)

Hercules is one of the best known heroes in Greek and Roman mythology! Our Hercules has big paws to grow into. He arrived via the November 2017 Puppy Truck delivery and will be raised by first time raisers Denise & Sean.
picture of Calista
Calista (born 9/8/2017, Dart/Madge)

In ancient mythology,Calista was a nymph loved by Zeus, whose jealous wife Hera turned her into a bear. This little bear joined our group in Nov 2017 to be raised by Mary Lou, experienced puppy sitter turned raiser.
picture of Royalty
Royalty (born 8/10/2017, Nevin/Uzette)

Royalty, nicknamed the less ostentatious Roya, arrived at our first Tacoma Subaru puppy truck hosting! She is the 14th puppy that Robin and Howard have raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Wow.
picture of Widget
Widget (born8/14/2017, York/Addie)

Wikipedia explains that a widget enables a user to perform a function or access a service--sounds like a guide dog to us! Widget is being raised by Derval, Tom, Hugh, Jack, Alibhe, Fiona as their 3rd pup for GDB. He arrived via the Tacoma Subaru puppy truck delivery in Oct. 2017.
picture of Reggie
Reggie (born 8/10/2017, Nevin/Uzette)

Reggie spent the first few weeks with raiser Abby and then transferred to Ursula & Laurie as the second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He transferred again in January 2018 at 5 months of age to Colorado when his raisers adopted their previous pup, Wombie.
picture of Lima
Lima (born 6/16/17, Saddle/Gala)

Lima (Peru, not bean!) joined our group to be raised by Anna and family as their 5th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She arrived in August 2017.
picture of Spencer
Spencer (born 6/22/2017, Kepler/Sherpa)

Spencer has a name fit for royalty! He arrived in August 2017 to be raised by Samantha and her mom Karen as their 4th pup for GDB.
picture of Verdot
Verdot (born 3/18/2017,Taurus/Kanga)

Petit Verdot is said to have lots of character! This Verdot arrived in May 2017 and will be raised by Jeremy and Melissa as their first pup with our group. Melissa raised 7 puppies for GDB with FHA when she was a teenager, so they are not lacking in experience!
picture of Ross Too
Ross Too (born 1/07/2017, Bartley/Noreen)

The second Ross for our group, this cutie will be raised by Zac as his second pup for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Ross will join his raiser as an Amazon employee.
picture of Mick
Mick (born 10/12/2016, Neutron/Tarragon)

Mick is lucky #13 Guide Dog pup for Heidi & Dallas! He was transferred at 14 months of age to the WSU puppy raising group.

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