Puppies on Campus

Puppies on Campus
picture of Nance
Nance (born 10/4/2017, Magic/Reisling)

Nance transferred to our group with her raisers from Issaquah in January 2018. She has studied hard and is ready to tackle Guide Dog college, February 2019.
picture of Ricki
Ricki (born 7/12/2017, Charming/Jade)

Ricki arrived as a transfer pup from the Bellingham area at the age of 12 months to be finished by experienced raisers Samantha & Karen. Sweet Ricki hopped on the January 2019 Puppy Truck and went to college.
picture of Lima
Lima (born 6/16/17, Saddle/Gala)

Lima (Peru, not bean!) joined our group to be raised by Anna and family as their 5th puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She arrived in August 2017. Lima was transferred to a raiser in the Enumclaw group for the last couple of months and went off to Guide Dog college in Oct 2018.

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