Puppies on Campus

Puppies on Campus
picture of Garfield
Garfield (born 12/06/2015, Neutron/Reagan)

Garfield, a Golden/Lab Cross, joined our group as a transfer dog at 15 months of age from the Kitsap Navigators group. He spent his last few months of puppy training with Brenda and Frank to get more varied outings and downtown Seattle experience. Returned to campus for formal harness training April 2017.
picture of Bowie
Bowie (born 1/20/2016, Gonzalo/Aida)

Bowie is destined to be a rock star of a guide dog puppy. He was raised by Geoff, on the shores of Lake Union and was transferred to the Wenatchee group at 9 months old. Returned for formal training May 2017.

Guide Puppies of Seattle

Non-profit.  All volunteer.  Cool people.  Adorable puppies.  Serious fun.