Puppies on Campus

Puppies on Campus
picture of Verdot
Verdot (born 3/18/2017,Taurus/Kanga)

Petit Verdot is said to have lots of character! This Verdot arrived in May 2017 and was raised by Jeremy and Melissa as their first pup with our group. Melissa raised 7 puppies for GDB with FHA when she was a teenager, so they are not lacking in experience! Verdot returned for formal training in June 2018.
picture of Kata
Kata (born 2/26/2017, Curt/Peony)

Kata joined our group at 11 months old as a transfer from the Portland area to be raised by experienced transfer pros Brenda and Frank. She began formal guide dog training in May 2018.
picture of Ramla
Ramla (born 7/6/2016, Saddle/Malibu)

Little Ramla joined our group in Sept. 2016 to be raised by Erika and Mark. The name Ramla means 'prophetess' or 'she knows', and is a city in central Israel. Ramla's big sister, career change dog Hoya, was raised in our group 9 years ago! Ramla returned to campus in January 2018 and was picked up by Service Dogs Inc. in Texas to begin training in their program as either a hearing dog or as a service dog for another disability.

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