Puppies on Campus

Puppies on Campus
picture of Ramla
Ramla (born 7/6/2016, Saddle/Malibu)

Little Ramla joined our group in Sept. 2016 to be raised by Erika and Mark. The name Ramla means 'prophetess' or 'she knows', and is a city in central Israel. Ramla's big sister, career change dog Hoya, was raised in our group 9 years ago! Ramla returned for breeder evaluation in January 2018.
picture of Impreza
Impreza (born 10/18/2016, Saddle/Matilda)

IMPreza went to work with his raisers, Kim & Gary, at Microsoft and that is an IMPortant, IMPressive job for a little guy! He was the barksperson for Tacoma Subaru who has been hosting our Puppy Truck deliveries. Imp returned for formal training in January 2018.
picture of Gleason
Gleason (born 5/9/2016, Curt/Carnival)

Gleason was raised by Derval, Tom, and kids as their second pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind. An Irish name for an Irish family! He entered formal training at the GDB campus in October 2017.
picture of Tumnus
Tumnus (born 5/9/2016, Curt/Carnival)

Mr. Tumnus is a character in CS Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and, as a faun, Mr. Tumnus is a peaceful woodland dweller and is the first person Lucy meets in Narnia. Tumnus the puppywas raised by first time raisers Andie, Mark, Kendall, and Jed. This family also has a career change pet from Guide Dogs of the Desert.
picture of Nasani
Nasani (born 7/4/2016, Phoenix/Yardley)

Nasani, co-raised by Robin & Howard and Lisa & Doug, arrived in Sept. 2016. She is a sweet girl with an even temperament and her name means 'hard worker', perfect for a guide dog pup-in-training. She returned for formal training Sept 2017.

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