Career Change Dogs

Career Change Dogs
picture of Claudettepicture of Claudette
Claudette (born 10/7/2015, Joplin/Marina)

Claudette was transferred to our group from Snohomish at 10 months of age to finish growing and learning. She joined Brenda and Frank to get experience with downtown Seattle and busier environs. Dropped from formal training for dog distraction in April 2017 and will be placed by Guide Dogs as a loving pet.
picture of Pearlpicture of Pearl
Pearl (born 10/25/2016, Neutron/Trix)

Pearl, 3/4 Golden, 1/4 Labrador and fluffy as they come, joined our group to be raised by Anna, Sprague, Lucien, and Graham. Career changed at 5 1/2 months for fear and barking and placed as a pet by GDB.
picture of Gizmopicture of Gizmo
Gizmo (born 3/18/2015, Laughlin/Paris)

Gizmo was raised by Patty and Brian M. who joined GPS after a break from raising 4 pups with the Auburn and Tacoma groups. Giz was transferred to the Bellevue group for the last few months before he headed off to college. Recalled for formal training in Sept. 2016. Giz suffered a pulled muscle which reoccured durring training. He was career changed in February 2017 and adopted by his raising family.
picture of Kahunapicture of Kahuna
Kahuna (born 7/22/2015, Jolt/Lorraine)

Better known as the Big Kahuna, this little guy was twice the size of his brother Kirk! He was raised by Thea, Eric, Zavdi, Chagall, and Zsa Zsa as thier first pup for GDB. Kahuna was ransferred to the Spokane puppy raising group in June 2016 and arrived on campus for formal training in Dec. 2016. Career changed for poor house manners in February 2017 and will be placed as a happy-go-lucky pet by GDB.
picture of Fabiopicture of Fabio
Fabio (born 3/3/2015, Sandler/Tazzle)

With these good looks, he could be an Italian fashion model, but without the golden locks ;). Fabio arrived on the May Puppy Truck and was raised by Heidi & Dallas, and by Holly, Lee, Emmy, & Reese. He returned to the Oregon GDB campus in July 2016 for formal guide dog training. Half way through his training he experienced a soft tissue injury, which led to 3 months of rest, and resulted in him being overly body sensitive. Career changed and adopted by Holly, Lee, and the girls as a loving pet.
picture of Desireepicture of Desiree
Desiree (born 7/1/2015, Richard/Riesling)

Teeny tiny Desiree arived on the August 2015 puppy truck, just shy of 8 weeks old, to be raised by Anna, Lucien & Graham as their second pup for GDB. Entered formal training in Sept 2016. Career changed for dog distraction and 'scavenging' and adopted by friends of her raisers.
picture of Jimpicture of Jim
Jim (born 7/21/2015 Joplin/Nivia)

Jim was a transfer pup from the Kitsap group. He joined GPS at 8 months of age to be co-raised by T-Bone & Angie, and Ruth & Ron. Such a handsome boy! Career changed at 11 months for lack of interest in becoming a guide dog and adopted by Ruth & Ron.
picture of Fennecpicture of Fennec
Fennec (born 10/11/2015, Amici/Tenley)

Foxy little Fennec with the big ears is as smart as his namesake was raised by Abby and Arnold and went to work in a law firm. Fennec is 3/4 Golden, 1/4 Labrador. He started his formal guide dog training at the Boring, OR campus in May 2016. Career changed in Phase 4 for dog distraction and adopted by his raisers in June 2016.
picture of Northpicture of North
North (born 8/2/2015 Medford/Keepsake)

Soft and sweet Golden/Lab Cross North joined our group as a transfer from Vashon Island at the age of 5 months, to be raised by Mary, Marc, Brenna, Tatum, and Max. Career changed at 9 months old and adopted by her Vashon raising family.
picture of Alistairpicture of Alistair
Alistair (born 9/27/2015, Andreas/Cypres)

This fine English chap joined a fine Irish family and was raised by Derval, Tom, Hugh, Jack, Fiona, and Ailbhe as their first GDB puppy. He was career changed in February 2016 at 15 months of age for alert barking. He will be placed as a lovely pet by Guide Dogs for the Blind.
picture of Jessuppicture of Jessup
Jessup (born 7/8/2014, Lexus/Kahlua)

This liberal guy was well socialized as a member of the Democratic Party with raiser Lisa, who has raised 3 previous pups for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Although he went off to college in December 2015, he was career changed for inappropriate relieving in Phase 8 and was adopted by his raisers, who were thrilled to add him to their family!
picture of Wonkapicture of Wonka
Wonka (born 5/4/2014 Baldwin/Estee)

Mr. W. Wonka was raised by Jessica and was educated along with her kindergarten class. Oh, the kids loved Wonka! Jessica also got her doctorate in education while she raised Wonka--thanks to lots of help from some fantastic puppy sitters! Career changed in Phase 8 for dog distraction and will still attend school with Jessica as a Pet Partners Therapy Dog!
picture of Tobikopicture of Tobiko
Tobiko (born 12/10/13 Julian/Denise)

Kanojo no na wa Tobiko! Her name is Tobiko...joined the O'Brien family to be raised as their 3rd puppy for Guide Dogs. Career changed July 2015 for liver disease in Phase 7 of Guide Dog college and adopted by her raisers. Tobiko will be on medication but is acting like her old self.
picture of Fiorepicture of Fiore
Fiore (born 10/11/14 Amici/Tenley)

Beautiful Fiore, or 'flower' in Italian, was raised by Song Mei and family as their first puppy for Guide Dogs for the Blind until she was almost 6 months old. Siblings Fiore, Fennec, and Flare are Golden/Lab Double Crosses .Transferred to a different puppy group at 5 1/2 months of age. Career changed for fears.
picture of Broncopicture of Bronco
Bronco (born 4/29/14 Curt/Shimmer)

Bronco, a Lab-Golden Double Cross, was raised in a downtown condo with raisers Nathaniel and Rachel, commuted to work at Amazon. What could be more 'Seattle' than that? Career changed because he simply didn't want to be a guide dog :) and placed with raiser's brother in Pennsylvania.
picture of Craigpicture of Craig
Craig (born 8/1/13 Jay/Kirin)

Craig arrived by Puppy Truck in Oct. 2013 to be raised by experience raiser Geoff. Craig returned to campus for Breeder Evaluation in Oct. 2014.Career changed and placed as a Therapy Dog and Ambassador at Ronald McDonald House in Lubbock TX.
picture of Winstonpicture of Winston
Winston (born 5/4/14 Baldwin/Estee)

Winston was raised by family of 4 Sharon, Scott, Sophia, and Cosette as their first Guide Dog puppy, with help from family of 5 Mary, Marc, Brenna, Tatum, & Max. "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give" ~Winston Churchill. Career changed for fears, Winston's goal is to become a Therapy Dog.
picture of Trixiepicture of Trixie
Trixie (born 4/8/13 McKinley/Pia)

Trixie was born to pursue higher education and went to work with her raiser, Erin, at the University of Washington. She was recalled for formal guide dog training in October, 2014. Career changed in Phase 5 for dog distraction and adopted by her raiser's family.
picture of Ivanpicture of Ivan
Ivan (born 7/11/13 Vern/Favor)

Transferred from the Spokane group at 7 months of age, Ivan spent the rest of his puppyhood with GPS raisers, Brenda and Frank. Career changed for dog distraction and adopted by Brenda's brother in the Seattle area.
picture of Chelseapicture of Chelsea
Chelsea (born 6/23/13 Amici/Amaya)

Beautiful Golden Chelsea transferred to our group from Bellingham at 5 months of age and was raised by Robin and Howard. Chelsea developed polyarthritis at the age of 14 months and after treatment is doing much better. Career Changed for health reasons and was placed by GDB with a loving family in California.
picture of Ataripicture of Atari
Atari (born 10/22/13 Blake/Darby)

Atari is part of the WSU Vet School program and was raised by Marilyn & Tom in our group until he was 6 months old, then was transfered to a student of Veterinary Medicine who finished raising him. Career changed for less than desirable house behavior and placed by GDB as a loving pet.
picture of Wanderpicture of Wander
Wander (born 11/4/12 Tito/Juniper)

Wander was raised by Dana, Dave, Zoe, and Ian as their second GDB pup.Career Changed for body sensitivity & dog distraction Nov 2013--now living in Happy Valley, OR as a pet in a family with 2 small children. She will go to work at the wine warehouse that her new dad owns.
picture of Hectorpicture of Hector
Hector (born 12/5/11 Simon/Marcie)

Hector Protector was dressed all in green', as the nursery rhyme reads. He is the 4th pup Renee raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Career changed for lack of interest in being a Guide Dog :) and adopted by his raiser.
picture of Primapicture of Prima
Prima (born 11/21/11 Bosworth/Nerita)

Prima Donna Prima joined the Seattle puppy raising group to be raised by experience raiser Joseph as his 3rd pup for Guide Dogs. Career Changed for inappropriate relieving and placed with a family of 4 on Mercer Island as a fabulous pet.
picture of Mattiepicture of Mattie
Mattie (born 7/28/11 Nevin/Fiji)

First-time raisers Dana, Dave, Zoe, and Ian welcomed little Mattie. This is the second 'Mattie' that has been in our group. Career Changed and placed by Guide Dogs with a couple who will train her as a Therapy Dog to work with hearing impaired individuals.
picture of Kenyapicture of Kenya
Kenya (born 6/3/11 David/Blossom)

Kenya was presented to her raiser at the Oregon Fun Day at the Guide Dog Campus. Kenya is one smart girl--she attended the University of Washington with experienced raiser, Erin. Kenya has a new career as an avalanche Search & Rescue Dog at Steven's Pass in Washington.
picture of Coronapicture of Corona
Corona (born 7/2/11 Marino/Lovey)

Corona was another little blondie for Tom and Marilyn--she was puppy number 14! Career changed for environmental sensitivity in October 2012 and was placed by Guide Dogs for the Blind as a loving pet.
picture of Keeleypicture of Keeley
Keeley (born 5/7/11 Jonathan/Brazil)

What do you get when you cross a Golden/Lab Cross with a Golden? And the answer is..... a Double Cross! Keeley came off of the July Puppy Truck along with a bounce and a sense of humor to be raised by Robin and Howard. Dropped in formal training for body sensitivity to the harness and fear of loud noises.
picture of Javapicture of Java
Java (born 11/12/10 Bosworth/Gallery)

Joseph and Michael raised this little cup of sweetness as their second pup for GDB. See the video of Joseph and Java made by Erika Takeuchi on ourTributespage. Returned to campus Feb 2012 and experienced Pano symptoms (growing pains). Dropped in the final training phase for relieving issues in Aug 2012.
picture of Captainpicture of Captain
Captain (born 5/14/11 Nicasio/Jude)

Ahoy, Captain! Get those sea legs under you and be prepared for learning the ropes with first time raisers Brian, Patti, Annalise, and Kyle. Captain and Chantal are siblings, but it sounds a bit like a singing group.Career changed for sensitivity to fireworks set off in his neighborhood and placed by GDB.
picture of Cadencepicture of Cadence
Cadence (born 3/16/11 Simon/Leslie)

10 month old Cadence moved from the Auburn group to Seattle to be raised by experienced puppy raisers, Brenda and Frank.Career changed for house behavior and avoidance of jacket and crate and sent to GDB to be adopted.
picture of Viceroypicture of Viceroy
Viceroy (born 6/24/11 Hurley/Sarita)

Known as the Viceroy of Phinney Ridge, this little guy joined experienced raisers Sean, Emily, Eric, and Ryan. Viceroy and Valeria are siblings.Career changed for temperament issues that make him more suited to be a loving pet and placed with friends of the raisers in Seattle.
picture of Sheratonpicture of Sheraton
Sheraton (born 6/25/11 Marino/Pomona)

Sheraton arrived Sept 2011 to be raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas as their 10th pup.Career changed for drooling at 9 mo. old and welcomed back home as Willy's little brother! Sheraton is now a Therapy Dog that volunteers at Childhaven with the 3-5 year olds.
picture of Ishapicture of Isha
Isha (born 8/16/10 Nicasio/Starling)

This pretty girl moved to Seattle from the Bellingham puppy raising group when she was 13 months old to get some city experience with experienced raiser Lisa. Career changed for dog distraction and adopted by her raiser. Isha is a Therapy Dog with TDI.
picture of Melpicture of Mel
Mel (born 10/16/10 Guidinglight Wallace/Pilar)

Mel arrived on a very rainy December day to be raised by Jan as her second GDB puppy. 'Mel' is a pure clarified form of honey. He battled Giardia as a puppy and at 11 mo. old was diagnosed with Parvo. He is now a beautiful, healthy adult. Career changed for 'wet mouth'. Mel was adopted by his raiser and registered asa TDI Therapy Dog.
picture of Madelinepicture of Madeline
Madeline (born 6/5/10 Tiburon/Cher)

7 mo. old Madeline was transfered to our group from Oregon. Sue raised several puppies with Guide Dogs before becoming involved in Search and Rescue with her Career Changed dog, Luau. Career changed for body sensitivity and will be placed in a loving home by Guide Dogs.
picture of Elmerpicture of Elmer
Elmer (born 10/7/10 Nicasio/Clovis)

Elmer joined our group from Sacramento when his family moved to Seattle in June 2011. We are thrilled to have them as part of our group! Elmer was career changed for fear and balking around buses and doorways and has been adopted by the raiser's brother in California.
picture of Simbapicture of Simba
Simba (born 6/8/10 Forte/Arizona)

8-month-old Simba and his raisers, Kim and Gary, transferred to our group from Compass Canines in March 2011. Simba was transferred to the Auburn group for a few months before being career changed for barking. He has been adopted by Kim and Gary, who are thrilled to welcome him back!
picture of Helenepicture of Helene
Helene (born 1/30/10 Bond/Simone)

Helene and her sister Hedda were chosen by GDB to be part of a study on minimizing body sensitivity. They wore hair scrunchies on bodies while playing--silly but effective! Helene was raised by first-time raiser, Korie, and puppy sat regularly by Haley. Career changed for an eye problem and adopted by her raiser.
picture of Mattiepicture of Mattie
Mattie (born 10/30/09 Kentucky/Sunset)

Mattie arrived on the first Puppy Truck of 2010, to be raised by Marilyn and Tom. Mattie is sort of a 'grandchild' since her mom, Sunset, was raised by this family too! Career changed for vocalizing/barking at other dogs and adopted by the daugher of a raiser in Guide Puppies of Seattle.
picture of Sashapicture of Sasha
Sasha (born 12/31/09 Tiburon/Raffle)

With a name fit for a 'First Kid', Sasha seemed ready to lead. She arrived on the March 2010 puppy truck to be raised by experienced raisers Robin & Howard. Career changed for resisting handling and now lives as a free spirited pet on Chuckanut Bay on the Washington coast.
picture of Zenithpicture of Zenith
Zenith (born 4/17/10 Tiburon/Alanis)

This little guy was presented to first-time raiser, Jessica, on stage at Guide Dog graduation, June 19, 2010. He was a big help with the kids in Jessica's kindergarten class.Career changed for confidence issues. Zenith was adopted by his raiser, registered as a Therapy Dog and continues his work with the kids.
picture of Dominicpicture of Dominic
Dominic (born 10/21/09 Baker/Harbor)

Dominic's raisers, Joseph and Michael, transfered to our puppy raising group from Paws for a Cause in Bellingham when Dominic was 8 months old. Dominic returned for formal training in February 2011. Career changed in Phase 8 for fear on public transportation. Adopted by the Rand family, who co-raised Fergie.
picture of Mitzvahpicture of Mitzvah
Mitzvah (born 10/16/10 Guidinglight Wallace/PilarMiztvah)

roughly translated, means ""good deed"". He was raised by group leaders Heidi and Dallas as their 9th puppy.Mitz was career changed at 5 months of age for severe motion sickness. He was adopted by former puppy raisers in California and will spend his days helping out on their 40 acre ranch.
picture of Odessapicture of Odessa
Odessa (born 12/30/09 Jay/Glimmer)

Oh, another 'O' puppy! Ona's sister Odessa joined our group in November 2010 at 11 months of age as a transfer puppy to be raised by Brenda, Frank & Jenny.Career changed at 14 mo. for confidence issues. Adopted by her first raisers and pictured here playing with new sister, Pip!

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